Internal medicine: Metabolism, vessels, heart

High blood pressure, heart and lung diseases, kidney diseases, and circulatory disorders

Our expertise in the fields of hormonal and metabolic medicine enables us to view chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart and lung diseases, kidney diseases, and circulatory disorders, in a holistic manner.

Aided by our modern and comprehensive range of diagnostics from the fields of cardiology, angiology, pneumology, and sleep medicine, we can obtain exact insights into the dynamics of the full range of diseases in the field of internal medicine. Metabolic disorders (insulin resistance) and reduced vascular elasticity have a negative effect on the course of chronic diseases. Even if chronic diseases have already developed, e.g., diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular diseases, their progression can be slowed or reversed into a milder form of the disease.

“We take care of you”:

The treatment of chronic disease generally requires intensive and interdisciplinary care provided by physicians from various specialist fields and other health professionals along with the active participation of the patient. Only an interdisciplinary network of specialists can create new diagnostic pathways and therapeutic procedures for the treatment and assessment of the progression of chronic diseases. We are happy to provide you with regular information on new therapeutic advancements and treatment options. Together with you, we compile tailored treatment plans and therapy goals and arrange regular follow-up appointments with the specialists involved in your course of treatment.

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