Sport, performance and weight

Fitness and weight

Weight fluctuations, reduced physical performance despite exercising, and mood swings often appear together. The causes lie in a disturbance of the finely coordinated system of metabolism, hormones, and vascular regulation.

Basal metabolic rate measurement and spiroergometry: It is common for the energy production of the body while resting (basal metabolic rate, basal metabolic rate measurement) to differ from the energy being burned during exertion. The transition from low-oxygen (aerobic) to high-oxygen (anaerobic) metabolism during exertion is not only essential for fitness but also for metabolic performance and blood pressure regulation after training. The Stoffwechselzentrum Rhein-Main team measures your metabolic rate when resting (basal metabolic rate), analyses your physical performance capacity and subsequently creates a tailored dietary and exercise plan for you that fits into your daily life. We use the synergy effect generated by diet and exercise: In the correct balance, diet and exercise support each other leading to an immediate improvement of overall well-being and fitness.
“Synergy” weight loss programme for overweight patients:

Our eating habits are very stable, therefore, despite repeated dietary changes, we always return to old dietary habits.

These are the 3 pillars of the weight loss programme at Stoffwechselzentrum Rhein-Main:

A) Analysis
We analyse your dietary and exercise patterns. Sport performance diagnostics then determine your fat and sugar burning levels when resting and during exertion. Additionally, we analyse the effects of stress on metabolic regulation and measure neuromuscular coordination.

B) Adjustment/Support
Changes to dietary and exercise patterns take time and an individually tailored approach. Minor changes can have major benefits in terms of well-being and weight regulation when the correct “switches” are activated.
We accompany you for a period of 12 months comprising of 15 visits at regular intervals to slowly and surely adjust and optimise your dietary and exercise pattern in a targeted manner.

C) Medicinal support
New types of medications can make it easier to adapt dietary and exercise patterns to your daily life.
Cost: These services are covered by private, but not statutory, health insurance providers.
We are happy to help patients with statutory insurance with any cost reimbursement from their health insurance providers.

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