Preventive medicine

Individual risk profile analysis (PDMP)

Maintaining health and quality of life well into old age is the aim of our Preventive Disease Management Program (PDMP.

High work-related stress can trigger neuroendocrine chain reactions (see Neuroendocrinology, Neurobiology) that slowly and permanently cause significant psychological and physical dysfunction. In the long term, we become less resilient. Our energy levels drop, and we lose the resources we need to manage daily life. Women react differently to men. PDMP takes these gender-specific differences into account.

Our 3 focuses: Diagnostics – Consultation – Support

The Preventive Disease Management Program, PDMP, ( combines neurological functional diagnostics with individual risk profile analysis. This enables the assessment of the dynamics of metabolic and vascular changes. This provides a comprehensive overview of your health status and how you are ageing – allowing us to peek into your future! Computer-assisted cardiac rhythm analysis assesses the neuronal network of your heart and determines your risk of suffering a stroke (apoplexy).

Consultation “Detection – Action – Success”

  • We discuss the findings with you to gain a comprehensive holistic overview.
  • Providing tools: In an extensive consultation, we will inform you how you can use simple “tools” to help control your metabolic and vascular processes: Program your metabolism!
  • Gender medicine: Hormonal changes accompany us in all stages of our lives. We provide advice on the gender-specific processes of ageing and the resulting mental and physical changes and their effects on the cardiovascular system in women.

„We take care of you“:
Check-ups normally determine the patient’s current physical state. PDMP assesses the dynamics of your biological processes and their effects on your performance capacity, well-being, and ageing. Prevention is always viewed in the long term.
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